Welcome fellow seekers and pilgrims...

Like the pilgrams that sought out the early desert Abbas and Ammas for a "word" my hope and prayer is that a word can be found by you at this site as you journey on your path seeking God . It will not be one from my lips as all I have been capable of saying is that I honestly don't believe that I have any words of wisdom to pass on and maybe there are way too many "words" being expressed out there already. But I am being once again nagged terribly by that inner voice within my heart of hearts and so I must write. May the spoken words of my mouth, the thoughts of my heart, win favor in your sight, O Lord, my rescuer, my rock! (Psalm 19:15)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Living The Ordinary In Ordinary Time

So this is the rest of the story. You may be wondering what a solitary is doing in suburbia. The desert and even the high desert sounds about right for a solitary (which is a female hermit) but the burbs? It's really a very unique situation here. The hermitage is a house on approximately a half acre of land completely fenced for privacy within a mixed neighborhood of single family homes and apartment multiplexes. But,if you walk three streets over you're right back in the middle of the desert with many dirt roads that may not be wise to enter(Meth labs abound in the Marianna's)
The hermitage is well designed to house two hermits without being disturbed by one another and yet I'm sure the Lord's smiles,knowing this hermitage sits between two apartment complexes. I believe we are being given the opportunity to be creative in each of our approaches to silence, solitude and aloneness. So what do solitaries do. We live ordinary lives just as our neighbors do with a few exceptions. What I see and hear has been and continues to be stress-filled. So much of this stress is self inflicted. So much is being packed into each day that there are no periods of rest, people drown themselves in noise from the time they rise until the time they go to bed from radios, tv's, cars, motorcycles, arguments, crying children, barking dogs, believing they are able to multitask effectively. What actually happens is that stress levels increase, patience diminishes, anger heightens and becomes explosive. That's when our job begins remember I mentioned a few exceptions. Perhaps the Lord has placed us here to be examples, to help others slow down and to listen in order that they too can hear and know the peace of our Lord. We are also here to pray for all who are in pain mentally, physically and spiritually and for those who cannot or will not pray. The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent us to suburbia. It's where we're needed.